EG Capital Advisors Data Processing Addendum (Cayman)

The Cayman Islands’ Data Protection Law, 2017 ("DPL").  DPL introduces a legal framework for regulating the handling of personal information, not dissimilar to privacy or data protection laws in place in other jurisdictions.

DPL requires businesses that handle personal information to be open and transparent about why and how they handle personal information. 

DPL also requires businesses that engage a service provider which acts as a "data processor" to ensure that the contract with the service provider contains certain contractual assurances.  As we recognize that we often (although not necessarily always) act as "data processor" in performing our services, we are offering our clients a set of contractual assurances in the form of our new Data Processing Addendum (Cayman).

You do not need to do anything to benefit from our Data Processing Addendum.  To the extent you are receiving services from EGCA in the Cayman Islands today, and EGCA acts as a “data processor” in providing those services, the Data Processing Addendum will apply automatically from 30 September 2019.

Important Note: Our new Data Processing Addendum will not apply where we act as a "data controller" in our own right for the purposes.  This will be the case where we handle personal information for our own business purpose (e.g. to perform mandatory due diligence on our clients or to promote our services to our clients), or where the nature of the services we provide requires us to act with autonomy and discretion.

Please kindly take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Data Processing Addendum.

If you have any question or concern in this regard, please contact as at [email protected].