About Us
EG Capital Advisors

A strong conviction in the value of long-term commitment, discipline and focus underpins the EG Capital Advisors’ approach to investment management. The responsibility for putting these principles into practice lies with the EG Capital team of 34 dedicated professionals, many of them drawn from the ranks of leading global institutions and whose experience, depth of knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. The Group, through its affiliates, has managed investments on behalf of external clients since 2009, and recently became an Appointed Representative to the Mirabella EU Regulatory Hosting platform.

EG Capital Advisors UK Limited is an appointed representative of Mirabella Advisers LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

EG Capital Advisors maintains three distinct areas:
  • Fixed Income — Management of public markets portfolios and funds predominantly invested in emerging markets
  • Private Equity — Investments with a worldwide focus on emerging growth companies
  • Public Equity — Investment in companies developing and commercialising innovative and high potential healthcare products, services and technologies

EuroHedge Emerging Fund Management Awards - Winners logo

This award (these awards) was/were won by EG Life Sciences Fund I, which is managed by EG Capital Advisors, Cayman Islands. This fund is distributed by EG Capital Advisors UK Ltd.

EG Capital Advisors Cayman Islands manages the Group’s Fixed Income Cayman Island Funds and Managed Accounts, private equity strategies and EG Life Sciences Fund.

EG Capital Advisors UK Limited is an Appointed Representative of Mirabella Advisers LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Mirabella Financial Services LLP is the investment manager of the Irish UCITS vehicle, EG Capital Advisors ICAV (Irish Collective Investment Vehicle), with KBA Consulting Management Limited acting as Management Company. Mirabella Financial Services LLP has seconded key personnel from EG Capital Advisors UK Limited to manage the EG Capital Advisors ICAV.

Unless otherwise stated, all references to EG Capital Advisors are to the EG Capital Advisors group of companies. All references to the Investment Team are to the investment team at EG Capital Advisors Cayman Islands.