About Us
UK Board of Directors
Alexander Mints
Executive Director
Alexander was instrumental in the establishment of EG Capital Advisors and its Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield investment strategy, which he managed at inception. He has extensive experience in investment management, credit analysis and risk evaluation. Alexander has held senior positions at a number of financial institutions, including  Head of Analytics and Portfolio Manager for the Multi-Family Office Department of Alfa Capital and as an Economist and Financial Supervision Specialist in the Risk Assessment Group at SDM Bank.
Igor Mints
Executive Director
Igor Mints has been responsible for developing and overseeing EG Capital Advisors’ private equity and venture capital portfolio as well as the EG Life Sciences Fund I. Prior to joining EG Capital Advisors Igor was Managing Director for international investments at ICT, a Russian investment company with holdings in public companies including London-listed Polymetal. From 2013 to 2015, he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Peruvian telecoms operator Olo del Peru. He also sat on the boards of United Wagon Company and Future Financial Group.
Avril Millar
Executive Director, Corporate Governance and Compliance
Avril is responsible for compliance and regulatory issues. Originally an engineer, she built an award-winning private Wealth Management business, which was sold in 2009. Since then, Avril has held numerous positions as advisor, turnaround expert, Non-Executive Director, and Chairman in a wide variety of sectors.
Dimitry Griko
Executive Director, CIO - Fixed Income
Dimitry heads up the core EG Capital Advisors Fixed Income Investment Team and is responsible for the Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield strategy. His experience in asset management spans over 18 years and includes spells at Everest Asset Management, Sanno Point Capital Management, and Deutsche Bank New York, where he was a senior trader on the convertibles desk.