About Us
EG Capital Advisors
Kirill Kul
Chief Investment Officer, Private and Public Equity
Kirill is the Managing Director responsible for Private Equity and Venture Capital investments as well as LifeSciences Fund I. Previously, he was responsible for public and private company research and due diligence for O1 Group. Before that, he held various roles at Otkritie, the investment firm. Kirill graduated from the prestigious Moscow Institute of International Relations with a BA in Commerce and an MA in Stock Market Investment.
Alexander Lobachev
Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Private Equity
With a background in research at such companies as Ernst & Young, O1 Group and the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Alexander oversees the selection and assessment of private equity projects.
Ilya Yasny, PhD
Head of Scientific Research
Ilya heads up the biotechnology scientific due diligence team. Ilya spearheaded scientific due diligence in Inbio Ventures, screening more than 3,000 opportunities. His 20+ years’ experience comprises a strong scientific background as well as management of preclinical R&D projects, and working in the team of Nobel prize winner Michael Levitt. Ilya holds a diploma in Chemistry/Enzymology as well as a PhD in protein engineering and biocatalysis.
Dmitry Kobyzev, PhD
Associate Director
Dmitry is responsible for managing biotech projects. Dmitry was previously the deputy head of Inbio Ventures. He actively participated in DD, deal execution, as well as 6 IPOs of portfolio companies (including BoD membership). Prior to that Dmitry advised international PE and corporate clients within the transactions practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Dmitry holds a diploma in the M&A market as well as a PhD in stock markets.