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EG Capital Advisors ICAV

EG Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield Fund operates as a sub-fund of EG Capital Advisors Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (ICAV) which is registered with the Central Bank of Ireland. It provides investors with access to the EG Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield Strategy, which seeks to maximise risk-adjusted total returns from investments in US dollar-denominated Emerging Markets corporate securities using fundamental credit analysis, based on proprietary bottom-up issuer research.

Fund Documentation
Share Classes
Share Class ISIN Currency Launch Date KIID NAV NAV Date
E4 IE00BG4R4F15 USD 17/05/2021 95.83 27/04/2022
O1 IE00BG4R4J52 GBP 22/03/2021 91.30 27/04/2022
O6 IE00BG4R4N98 EUR 23/08/2019 108.91 27/04/2022
O4 IE00BG4R4L74 USD 11/04/2019 116.01 27/04/2022
O3 IE00BD2BB642 USD 22/03/2018 97.93 27/04/2022

The Net Asset Value of each Class shall be determined by calculating the amount of the Net Asset Value attributable to each Class. The amount of the Net Asset Value of a Sub-Fund attributable to a Class shall be determined by establishing the proportion of the assets of the Class as at the most recent Net Asset Value calculation, adjusted to take account of any subscription orders (after deduction of any redemption orders) and apportioning the Net Asset Value accordingly. The Net Asset Value per Share of a Class shall be calculated by dividing the Net Asset Value of the Class by the number of Shares in issue in that Class. Class Expenses and fees relating specifically to a Class will be charged to that Class. Class Expenses or other fees or charges will normally be allocated amongst the Classes based on their respective Net Asset Value or any other reasonable basis approved by the Depositary having taken into account the nature of the fees and charges. In the event that Classes are priced in a currency other than the Base Currency, currency conversion costs will be borne by that Class. Further information is contained in the Prospectus.

Source: Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Limited

Depository: Northern Trust Fiduciary Services (Ireland) Limited

Distributor and Promoter: EG Capital Advisors UK Limited

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